Imapd auth problem with SQL... passwd problem

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    Imapd auth problem with SQL... passwd problem [SOLVED]


    I have just finished installing a test system according to a tutor on this site. The OS is CentOS5.1. Everything seems to be working but the authentication itself. I have users in the SQL database to which the application cannot connect. I am not sure which one that is responsible for that but I suppose saslauthd will be the one.
    I used defualt usernames and passwords: mail_admin and mail_admin_password
    Yet when I try to connect to the database I get an error in the maillog file:
    I dont think it is quite normal. Where do I specify the password to be used?

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    I got it but it would have been a lot faster if u help me. :)
    All I had to do is look into the /etc/authlib/authmysqlrc file and see if the password field was set correctly. It was not. A typo... :)

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