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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by djtremors, Aug 11, 2006.

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    I've built mail servers for years and I've now built a Fedora core 4 server and needed an imap/pop server.
    Since courier-imap isn't on yum i just installed dovecot instead. Worked fine with pop3 but imap with squirrelmail kept giving me login errors and logs showed almost nothing.

    I finally got fed up with dovecot and switched to source of courier-imap and installed authlib as well.
    funny enough I'm getting the same problem.

    I tested it with Mutt and it works fine when using TLS, but turning TLS on squirrelmail just gave me :

    Error connecting to IMAP server: tls://localhost.
    0 :

    and yet with Mutt it works fine..

    mutt -f imap://[email protected]/INBOX

    so i'm lost why squirrelmail and Ueibimail can't login with imap.???

    heeelp.. spend all day on this already.
  2. djtremors

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    All fixed.. damn php had E_ERROR for errors and when I changed it to E_ALL I saw errors that squirrel couldn't write the session as the directory for sessions didn't existed. So it ends up the user is always logged off on every refresh.. argh!!


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