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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lapena, Jun 4, 2007.

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    I've just installed postfix, courier-imap, quotas... with ISpconfig. Emails are stored in maildirs. The previous server provided IMAP quota in a file called 'maildirsize'. And now it's not working yet.

    Is there any way to recreate this file maildirsize ? What can I do ?
    Is there any software I should install ? If I install maildrop (with quota support) and change postfix settings to use maildrop, will ISPconfig be able to work fine ? Or should I apply Postfix VDA patch ?

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    ISPConfig uses linux system quotas, there is no maildirsize file needed. Youst install the linux quota package of your linux distribution and enable quota on the partition where the websites are stored (normally /var/www /srv/www or /home/www).
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    thank you for replying so fast

    in fact quota on file system is working (when the quota is reached emails aren't stored in the maildir) but my problem is that I use Thunderbird with an extension called "Display Quota" so that I can see the current quota on the maildir. And this extension use the imap server, who looks up in the file 'maildirsize'.

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