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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by recin, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I have ispconfig3 with squirrelmail installed through the Perfect Server - Ubuntu 10.04 manual.

    I always use POP3 for the mail, so when you download mails with your client (thunderbird or outlook) they dissapear from the server.

    Now some clients ask me to use IMAP, since they have the same accounts in various PCs, and want to have them sincronized. No problem with this, it works too, but, with IMAP, mails will allways be in the server, and I don't have enough disk space (you know, people never drop any mail, even the trash folder, and it keeps growing and growing).

    Is there some configuration (on the server or in the client) to make imap accounts to keep mails on local on all PCs but remove them from the server?
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    The purpose of imap is to store the emails on the server while pop3 is used to fetch the emails from the server and delete them afterwards. So if you have not enough space on the server, you can not use imap.

    If several mailboxes that are used regularily shall get the same emails without storing all of them on the server, then you can use e.g. pop3 and configure the email client to keep emails for x days on the server before they get deleted so that the other email clients can fetch and store them locally.
  3. recin

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    Thanks for your reply till.

    The problem with POP3 is that if they download mail on a PC, then, when they get them in another PC, all mails are marked as unread, although they are read already on the other PC, and they dont want this

    I think i'll try to move mail to another folder with more disk space and use IMAP.

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