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  1. AceFrahm

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    I followed the instructions on page 5 of

    Now my primary website's e-Mail works - - I can use MS Outlook 2007 to send and recieve e-Mail from [email protected]

    but the test e-Mails show up in my gmail inbox as [email protected]

    I want to host several small business websites on my one server, without any appearance of cross site contamination,
    I don't want e-mail from business website #3, #15, or #23 to appear as though it comes from website #1.

    I want email to show up in the repient's inbox without a "web1_" prefix.
    I know this can be removed by eliminating the prefix in ISPConfig, but each user of each web must have a unique login,
    So I need some other method,
    because I want run more than one business personally.

    I want my business #1 customers to get emails from me in the format
    [email protected]

    Business #2 customers should recieve emails that look like
    [email protected]

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    and so on.

    My first website ( will be used for my personal homepage, the others for business, social activism, great causes,

    entertainment, etc.
    I may host several other sites for other friend's businesses too, each friend could have several business websites too, and they
    would need e-mail formatted as above too. Plus, if we should be so lucky to hire employees down the road, they too would
    need e-mail that "looks right" to customers, for each different business.

    The driving cause here is that customers will be extremely suspicious of any email with "strange" looking prefixes or suffixes, just

    like "web1_".

    I can't afford another computer right now, so setting up another server with ISPConfig without prefixes for every site is out of the question
    (it would be wasteful anyway,as this should be possible from one box).

    My second website is
    I intend to sell some things there.
    as I mentioned above, I can use MS Outlook 2007 to send and recieve e-Mail from [email protected]
    but I can't use Outlook to send or recieve with [email protected]

    When I test settings with [email protected] using
    MS Outlook 2007 >>>>> Tools >>>>> Account Settings >>>>> Change E-Mail Account (for [email protected]) >>>>> Test Account


    I get two errors, one for recieving e-mail, and the other for sending:

    "Log onto incoming mailserver (IMAP):General authentication failed.  None of the authentication methods supported by your IMAP server (if any) are supported on this computer."
    "Send test e-mail message:None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server."
    If I send an e-Mail from [email protected] to [email protected]
    it shows up in MS Outlook 2007 under the [email protected] inbox!
    it should go to the [email protected] inbox instead!

    These two errors are similar to error messages I got (with a 554 error) a few hours ago with my first website e-mail,
    [email protected], before I ran the steps on page 5

    1. Are there similar steps (similar to page 5) that must be performed with every new website added with ISPConfig in order to make e-Mail function correctly for each new website?
    2. Is there some simple method to rewrite "FROM:" of e-Mails to eliminate "web#_" prefixes? A way that doesn't merge my e-Mail inboxes accross all the different sites?
    3. Why doesn't the installition of ISPConfig perform the proper mail configuration automatically? Why are all these manual steps needed? I'd rather be making content instead.
    4. Where can I learn the true meaning of all those encryption instructions on page 5, so I know them cold, and can help others solve problems the same way falko, till, and edge help us?
    5. Can you reccomend some e-mail list deamons for opt-in mailing lists?
  2. edge

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    Just a small tip.
    If you like spam, leave your email addresses posted on this form.
    If you do not like spam, I would a.s.a.p. remove the email addresses from here.
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You must set the proper sending address in your email client. This cannot be done by any control panel.
  4. AceFrahm

    AceFrahm New Member

    Solution and Workaround

    You were right Falko, in MS Outlook 2007, one must go to Tools >>> Account Settings,

    Double clicking that good first account to take a look,

    Clicking on "More Settings":
    Although you can probably just set this to "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"

    In the folders pane of MS Outlook 2007,

    (continued in my next reply)
  5. AceFrahm

    AceFrahm New Member

    Solution and Workaround

    So how do you get your e-Mail to show up with the proper FROM: address for your 2nd, 3rd or more websites? You have to do it manually like this:

    Then this:

    I hope that helps anyone else who's having the same trouble.
    All of your e-Mail for all of your websites still end up in the same inbox, but you could use "rules" based on the TO: field to separate messages into a different folder for every website you've got.

    Now as for questions 4. and 5., I'm still interested in a resource to learn Ubuntu (linux) encryption cold,
    a good e-mail deamon I can use to make newsletter mailing lists for my users. Any Ideas?:)
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    For Windows, there's a software called Groupmail that can do this. But it isn't free.

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