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    I have a little issue in my server.

    I have 2 hdd. In one is all script (sda1) and in the other (sdb1) I want to place the image/ folder of the script.

    So I made a symbolic link from sdb1/image/ folder to /sda1/script/image/
    I kept the same permissions.

    When I write in url address bar
    the image is displayed correctly.

    But in the script I have a function to maximize or minimize the image (to show different sizes in few places). This function is done by customthumb.php file.

    Well, all places where the function is called to show the image in different sizes don't run if the symbolic link is placed. if I have the image folder in script hdd run good :mad:

    I lost the last evening searching a solution but didn't find it. :confused:

    Anyone know the solucion? Any experience with that issue?

    Thank you in advance!!



    Don't worry!

    I already get a solution.

    The problem is on phpThumbs.config.php file.

    We need to set few variables:

    Correct patch where is going to be the image, that is, the primary folder. IMPORTANT: Don't call to symbolic link, must be the real folder.
    For example I have 2 hdds. hdd1 with script (with symbolic link to image folder of hdd2) and hdd2 with image folder.
    I am calling to hdd2 images folder, not to hdd1 symbolic link.

    We must make a cache/ folder in the same directory of your hdd2's image folder. And make a symbolic link to hdd1 script folder.

    And uncommented the variable:

    $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['cache_directory'] = dirname(__FILE__).'/cache/'; // set the cache directory relative to the phpThumb() installation

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