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    I am a new subscriber. I am also not big on complaining but this one time I will.

    I am a competent UNIX admin, I am older and have been using different variants of unix like systems for 15 years in several various flavors. I understand what happens in a system, and I am at the same time new to using VMware.

    I will also say I was excited to test some images and downloaded a couple of them to put on some capable modern hardware systems which are well suited to handle several images at the same time.

    Here's where the problem is. I wanted to see how The_Perfect_Server_Ubuntu_9.10_X86_64_ISPConfig_? would run, and perform.

    I can get it loaded and running in VMware server 2.02, give the guest image 200GB drive space, 2 processors, 8GB RAM no problem. BUT I CANT USE IT

    here's why; the keyboard mapping is stuck to german. I have been digging through everything and even when performing dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, no luck. There in not an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file anymore so we have no answer there either.

    also tried dpkg-reconfigure console-data

    and apt-get install kb* (an number of keyboard packages and their dependencies)

    There is no proper choice for encoding the keyboard. Yes the language is set correctly to us.UTF-8 when looking at the $env, and it is getting that from the VMware host system. I have been able to get the keyboard layout set to 105key which is correct but the keymapping is just wrong. Being that we are running a server and dont know which keys are which for important symbols like "/+=! | That's just plain unusable.

    IF I had downloaded the images for free and found the problem, not a big deal I would be silent. I was also going to make a cool tutorial for your site about setting up the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Properly across several clusters and nodes. I specialize in secure Grid computing environments and I am familiar with Eucalyptus. Now I am a bit less excited to make the tutorial after messing with keyboard encoding and console reprogramming for a couple of hours.

    I suppose my point is that if you are going to sell the service and offer images to use as trials, gosh I think that's a great idea but when they are not able to be used then it is a pretty big let down. The average user would have zero chance of fixing the problems I had. And there is no way to adjust what the server does without a proper keyboard.

    I have enjoyed some of the tutorials, so it's not all bad. I am glad however that I chose the 1 month subscription instead of a longer one after finding out that the images are unusable for me.

    Make it a great day, Guten Tag!

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