If installed on localhost, how would you add a site?

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    How do you add sites in ISPConfig3? I installed it using the howtoforge Ubuntu 9.04 server tutorial. It is installed on server1.example.com, which isn't a real domain.How do you configure the site to work with ISPConfig3?How would you also use email? My last question is how do you point the site to ISPConfig to do all this anyway?:confused::)
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    When you install your flavour of Linux, you have to use a real domain name that you actually own. For example, I purchased halfbakedhosting.co.uk from UK Cheapest a few days ago, so in my setup I used this:
    I'm running CentOS for my install, so I'm not 100% sure if the command will be the same for you on Ubuntu but there's a good chance it will be. Try typing the following lines to update the hostname of the server:
    hostname server1.[realDomain]
    Replace [realDomain] with a domain name that you own. The reboot is just to make sure it updates the system properly. To update ISPConfig, go into phpMyAdmin (access it from another computer on the network using the server's local IP address, eg ). In the table you created for ISPConfig (default is dbispconfig) go into the "server" table and change the value of server_name to your new hostname.

    Sites can be added from the "Sites" tab of your admin panel, or you can create a client user and login with that to keep them seperate from the admin stuff. I haven't played with email yet (I dislike the idea of being forced to have postfix installed for a start, when sendmail works just fine for what I need). To point a domain to your ISPConfig server you would need to set up name servers to resolve the addresses, but I haven't worked out how to do that yet so can't offer any help.

    NOTE: I've only just got ISPConfig installed in the last 10 minutes or so, so I may not have included all the steps required to correct it, though it should be a good starting point and I'm sure a dev will correct me if I'm wrong :D

    (not bad for a first post me thinks ;) )

    EDIT: I just noticed in ISPConfig there is somewhere you can update the hostname WITHOUT having to use phpMyAdmin to change it manually. Log in as admin, then on the System tab click "Edit Server" in the Server menu. Click on your server's name in the list on the right and there's a textbox right at the top to type in your new hostname. You still have to change it on the server itself though, this is just to let ISPConfig know the new hostname.
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