I will pay 50$ who help me about postfix

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sahtecan2, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. sahtecan2

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    I have searchedeverywhere , every time but I cant Find and I cant :((!

    I have ip addressess I want to use them randomly

    for example ; host will yyy.ccc.local ip will 207.x.x.x.01

    host will yy.ccc2.local ip will 207.x.x.x.02

    like this How can I use multiple ip address and hosts ?? please help me about that who answer me I can pay 50$ with paypal or wester union

    Thank you very much.
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  2. erosbk

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    Hi, I don't understand what you want... do you want to use postfix to send emails from multiple IPs? please explain a little more...
  3. sahtecan2

    sahtecan2 New Member

    yes you are correct.

    I have 125 ip adress

    I want to use 125 ip addressess
  4. erosbk

    erosbk New Member

    You have some ways to do this... you can set postfix to receive all sent mails and next, relay it to multiple postfix servers to delivery using roundrobin, you can find how to implement in the following thread:


    Another way is to attach some networks card to one server, create one postfix instance for each NIC attached (1 postfix with 1 NIC with 1 IP...). You have to search about "postfix roundrobin" to have this working...

  5. sahtecan2

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    I used

    Maybe that question is ooooooooold but have some nice solution :)

    Well warlock, in searching of solution I did some googling but did not found solution sooo I turned off Google and enable a Brain++ :->

    What we want? That Postfix connect to one of FEW hosts (relayhosts).

    Welll, lets play with DNS :)

    In example do domain mysweetdomain.com lets make some A lines:

    mxr IN A
    mxr IN A
    mxr IN A
    mxr IN A
    mxr IN A

    Lets flush bind and what we have? Nice :)

    [[email protected] postfix]# host mxr.mysweetdomain.com
    mxr.mysweetdomain.com has address
    mxr.mysweetdomain.com has address
    mxr.mysweetdomain.com has address
    mxr.mysweetdomain.com has address
    mxr.mysweetdomain.com has address

    Standard roundrobin rulez :-D

    Then only that little line in postfix/main.cf

    relayhost = mxr.mysweetdomain.com

    and Postfix relays with every of these ips in roundrobin style :)

    Maybe it does not work as failover but better have 3/5 relays working then none :) 60% delivered mails at once, rest waits for some time

    Simple and nice :) Hace fun :)

    This way didnt work.

    it says ITS SENT! but I dont get any email so It didnt work :-s
  6. sahtecan2

    sahtecan2 New Member

    those ways didnt work :(
  7. falko

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    Are there any errors in your mail log (in the /var/log/ directory)?
  8. nicademus

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    Still need help with this one? no $$$ required, just like to help.

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