I really need a big help????

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mugahed, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. mugahed

    mugahed New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have:
    - 3 server machines hp proliant 380 (2 CPU Xeon, 6 GB RAM)
    - wireless network with few AP
    - router, switch

    I want have now:
    - web hosting
    - dedicated games server
    - wireless, control users, billing sistem (authentication with username, connection bandwith, download,upload bandwith)

    I need help:
    - How can i organized this server for use?
    - What servers, scripts, softwares and etc. i need for my project.
    - What is the best solutions for my project
    - Do I need aditional hardware without this
    I need free software because I'm not rich :)

    pls help me
  2. btomasik

    btomasik New Member

    Good luck, there isn't going to be a real easy way to set this up. What sort of business are you looking to setup? Game server hosting? Gaming cafe?
  3. mugahed

    mugahed New Member

    1. i have game server for my net club that can playing in lan and wan
    2. i want selling game hosting

    In my country very inportant gamesssssss :) people very much love playing.

    Pls explain me what is "gaming cafe" and how can set up,
    maybe it is good for me

  4. btomasik

    btomasik New Member

    Well gaming cafes are somewhat few and far between where I live but I've seen them implemented in a couple locations. They are basically where several workstations at a location are networked together and play games off either dedicated servers running inhouse or playing cooperatively on public online servers.

    1) The webhosting is the easiest part of your request. There are already many software packages that can help you manage your own hosting plus the added ability to sell off hosting

    2) Hosting dedicated game servers is again, not too difficult, but controlling how much bw individual machines use while connected to these services is going to be a bit more difficult and I'm not sure if there is a piece of FOSS that will work for this.

    3) The billing system is the part I'm still not entirely sure what you're looking to do with. Are you looking to bill for webhosting? Or the ability for certain machines to connect up and play games? Or something else?

    4) And what further are you looking to do with the wireless network? Bill machines for access?
  5. mugahed

    mugahed New Member

    i want have web hosting for sell (on 1 mashine) second mashine is for games server. in this server i want have personal games in my local network (example: cod2,3,4,5, cs etc.) and have games server for sell
    for web and games server i need billing system.
    my 3th server is for wireless network. for this server i need help how can configure control for users (billing system, users can look how much bandwith use etc)

    tnx for help

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