I need to migrate from mikrotik hotspot to linux hotspot

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by laith43d, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I have a small IT company, it is going bigger day after day, the services I do offer need to be more efficient as the company goes bigger.

    I am using Mikrotik RouterOS to:
    * Setup a "basic and easy to manage" hotspot server or pppoe server (for "easy to manage AAA methods") or act as a regular router.
    * Bandwidth managment per user.

    It is now making me angry, cause it is not doing its job very well as the company services enlarged. So, I need an alternative, doing the same and much more. But, the only condition is: I want it a SECURE open source resource.

    So, I wonder if (smoothwall, ipcop, engarde secure linux or any other distribution suggested) capabilities can help do the same job Mikrotik doing for me!

    my network is as follows:

    I-net gateway caching firewalling etc.: CentOS Linux.
    DMZ: DNS CentOS, web CentOS.
    Mikrotik RouterOS for what I've mentioned above.

    I-net gateway
    hub ------------------ wifi
    local net.

    thanks alot...
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    Just curious, are you running the MT OS on a Intel based board?
    Or are you running one of MT's boards?

    I am a wireless operator, I use a LOK325 as my backend but I do use MT as AU's, Link's and SU's....


    Also see: http://www.howtoforge.com/wifi_hotspot_setup
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