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    hello My name is Danny

    ok I know very little about linux commands but I'm getting it, ok heres what is up. I wanted to run my own server so I got a machine, tried ubuntu and just could not get it going.. would always fail in the installispconfig area so I went with the suse 10.1.. installed the perfect setup ..that person falko just rocks.. for suse 10.1 went without a hitch.. even loaded up ispconfig.. I thought I was in the car.. but then It asked me questions.. D'ho.. and I know I have them all messed up, anyway the ispconfig installed.. congrats blah blah.. but I have it messed up.

    I named my server boonserver and I bought a domain for this.. XXXXXX.com

    when I finished it said go here.. http://boonserver.XXXXXX.com:81
    that did not work.. page not found.. or the web address page not found

    I figured it was not working.. but
    I tried the http://theipaddress:80 ..welcome to ispConfig..
    what I think I need is someone to help me to edit the files..
    I have all the info I just dont know where to put it.. and

    I dont think I have the stuff right
    I only added 1 ip tried to add a few from the ispconfig panel..
    I need to set this to my info

    more info.. the ip now says access forbidden, it said shared for a while, but the domain name still dont work.. never has, I have looked at some of the yast2 settings.. I think those are messed up as well I think I have the server name and site stuff messed up

    Falko.. or anyone..Please Help!..
  2. Boon-Dog-Danny

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    in yast2 under host configuration current hosts

    ip address hostnames host aliases localhost linux-8boonserver.xmydomainx.com linux-8boonserver
    70.my.staticip boonserver.xmydomainx.com boonserver

    this stuff before use to have boonserver.sitexmydomainx.com
    i removed the "site"
    so this question is what is it asking when it says hostname? in the ispconfig it said www ? is it the domain name? servername and domain?? and host aliases? is that the boonserver? I think if I can get what everything is called I'd be ok
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    Can you post your real boonserver... domain here?
    What's in Vhost_ispconfig.conf?
    What's the output of

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