i mest up phpmyadmin help!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by djzoulox, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. djzoulox

    djzoulox New Member

    i want to know if i just apt-get remove phpmyadmin , does my database get lost ? or will sites not fucntion , ? i mest up some thing for making a subdomain out of it but now i can't get it back as i doesent know what to type back i was a fool not saving the files i editet to begin with
  2. rosehosting

    rosehosting Member

    phpMyAdmin is just a graphical interface written in PHP used for managing your databases.

    Removing it will certainly not affect your databases and your MySQL server.
  3. djzoulox

    djzoulox New Member

    i got it fixed i created a subdomain but i can't get it to work with phpmyadmin following a guide :(
  4. falko

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    What have you done so far to get phpMyAdmin working on the subdomain?

    What exactly isn't working?
  5. djzoulox

    djzoulox New Member

    i might be doing it wrong but i didt create a subdomain but i can't get it to work i am not sure how to do it correctley i followed that guide you linked to ,
    but its to complicated to me and od thing even do that subdomain have phpmyadmin content it goes to another subdomain i have when i go there

    i think thats rather od
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