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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by NetSage, May 31, 2010.

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    The problems is pretty easy to fix once you grasp a couple of things. Think of it like this... there are two chunks of network, one on this side of the firewall / router , and the other on the otherside. ISPConfig manages the DNS requirements THIS side (ie your side) of the firewall, your ISP manages the bits outside your firewall. So your ISP allocated ss the address everyone uses to reach the firewall / router which redirects to your Computer.

    ISPConfig then takes over and needs to manage machines based on the actual IPADDRESS of the CARD in the box. These are commonly set to something like 192.168.0.XXX ...

    Looking at your setup, I would suggest something like :

    A	net-sage.com.		IPADDRESS_OF_THE_PC_i.e.
    A	mail			ditto
    A	ns1			ditto
    A	ns2			ditto
    A	www			ditto
    MX	net-sage.com.		mail.net-sage.com.
    NS	net-sage.com.		ns1.net-sage.com.
    NS	net-sage.com.		ns2.net-sage.com.
    Remember A record always direct to number.

    It's not perfect but it works ... I know a CNAME record is more appropriate ... but like I said .. this will work.. can always pretty it up later ...
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    Hi - this is how I got mine working.

    3 separate zones listed (at minimum):

    1. ns1.net-sage.com
    Records: A - ns1.netsage.com. -> (external static IP of the nameserver)

    2. ns2.net-sage.com.
    Records: A - ns2.netsage.com. -> (external static IP of the nameserver)

    To make these 2 NS zones I clicked on the SOA (start of authority) button in ISPConfig3 rather than the wizard. These two name servers should ideally be hosted on 2 seperate machines with seperate IP's but in my case I have a single static IP and therefore they are hosted on the same IP.

    Log in to the facility where you registered "net-sage.com" and update your name servers to point to:
    ns1.netsage.com. -> your IP
    ns2.netsage.com. -> your IP

    Wait 24-72 hours for your new name servers to be registered with the root 'com' servers - this is called "glue"

    Make sure that your IP is pointing to your FQDN - you may need to contact your ISP to do this for you.

    Third zone:
    You can use the wizard for this and add records you need.
    3. net-sage.com.
    A net-sage.com. 122.233.344.455 0
    A mail 122.233.344.455 0
    A www 122.233.344.455 0
    MX net-sage.com. mail.net-sage.com. 10
    NS net-sage.com. ns1.net-sage.com. 0
    NS net-sage.com. ns2.net-sage.com. 0
    PTR net-sage.com. 455.344.233.122.in-addr.arpa. 0
    TXT net-sage.com. v=spf1 a mx ~all 0

    My TXT (SPF) record is different in that I have included all subnets from my ISP - like this:
    TXT net-sage.com. v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip4:444.444.444.176/28 ip4:777.777.777.777/27 ~all 0

    I hope this is helpful.:)
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    Like Torch za says - mine is not perfect either and any correction or advise is most welcome. ;)
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    ok, guys I'll try what you guys mentioned and get back to you :D. Thanks a lot.

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