i cant login to ispconfig after installation

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xeroblast, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. xeroblast

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    this is my setup:

    host - mysql database and samba shared (shared folder are force root user&group)

    virtual - apache, php, ispconfig, phpmyadmin, etc.. shared folder were declare in /etc/fstab (www and vmail)

    i design it like this so that when the server gets down, i just need to replace the copy of the virtual image without transferring the files in www and data in mysql.

    everything is working good but i cant login using admin as username and admin as password on my ispconfig which is just after the installation of ispconfig.

    i need help on how to do this? am i missing something?

    ps.. the /srv/www/ folder and its subfolders owner is root:root. same goes for vmail.

  2. xeroblast

    xeroblast New Member

    my bad

    sorry for this thread..

    the problem was that i created a username admin with host as % (wildcard) in my database cause i dont want to use root to network. i only use root on local.

    i use admin to enter the username during the installation of ispconfig which cause the conflict.

    it is all good now when i change the username of mysql database.

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