I am looking for a web interface calendar overview of cron jobs

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by comedit, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. comedit

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    I been searching for a tool where I can have full overview of a "cron calendar". I have not been succesfull up till now.

    This tool should give me a calendar overview of all scheduled cronjobs, which I can walk through (dayview,weekview, monthview). This can make it easier for me to see when what is scheduled and I can better plan without overlaps and avoid peaktimes efficiently. A cool feature would also be that you can directly click on a job what is scheduled to edit the settings.

    The webmin interface does not do that, it simply gives me all the cronjobs in a list and I can click to see the the settings per cronjob.

    How these cronjobs all together are scheduled in time is not visable.

    If anybody has any good suggestions, I would be very greatfull.

    Thanks in advance
  2. falko

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    I'd have suggested Webmin because when you click on a cron job it also shows you when it is scheduled to run...
  3. comedit

    comedit New Member

    In a way your right


    Thanks for your comment,

    Webmin is the best I have found sofar without a doubt, and I have I tried all over the web but given up hope for another one with the extra features I want.

    I am reluctant to install a desktop for my webserver (KDE or Gnome), because it uses resources i think should be used for the websites.

    If I would install a desktop probably some other solutions seem to come in play but, I have not investigated that area ( I came across Gcrontime, grontab and Kron).

    Webmin does not let you see how the total off all cronjobs look like over time on your server. You need to click each job to see when it runs.

    I think it would be a usefull feature or all systemadministrators though

  4. falko

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    You might find a suitable script on hotscripts.com or phpclasses.org or sourceforge.net.
  5. comedit

    comedit New Member

    I was allready there: no luck

    I was allready there: no luck

    As a non-coder I am spoiled anyhow, the amount of free resources is great, so once you can't find it you have to accept live the way it is, or invest in development yourself.

    In this case i am talking about a nice feature for sysadmin, something we can live without though.

    Thanks for your reply and your contributions to the software and forums

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