HW, VM or Docker for best of all worlds?

Discussion in 'General' started by labsy, Sep 6, 2020.

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    Recently my path of experience meet DOCKERS on Ubuntu, and I must say I like the concept quite a lot. Of course, during 1 day session I am far away from docker expert, but I know enough to ask for your experience and oppinion.

    What you think would be best optimum, in regards of securit, maintenance and performance?

    HARDWARE INSTALL.... it's obsolete concept, costs a lot, needs power plant and a lot of air.

    VIRTUALIZATION, kinda most used concept these days, but still it is hardware concept virrualized, meaning no innovation in regards of core and host OS maintenance.

    DOCKER is what I see my future migrate-to concept for next 5-10 years. Resource-wide tiny concept, but I am wondering about performance. And security.
    My plam would be to setup a new latest UBUNTU LTS server, then regarding dockers:
    - better go one docker per hosting website
    - or use dockers as VMs, meaning I would migrate my 3 linux VMs to 3 dockers

    What you say?

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