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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by primaxx, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Hello forum,

    please forgive my ignorance, but I wonder if the following is possible to do with ISPConfig 2?

    • is located on the same server as ISPConfig 2, on dmz in the local network. (local IP-address
    • is located on a dedicated server within the local network. (local IP-address
    • We have one static, public IP-address.
    • Commercial wildcard ssl-certificates are installed on both servers.
    What I want to achieve is to forward traffic on from the Internet through the ISPConfig-server to the server hosting
    The reason for this is that we are about to host several subdomains which will use SSL, and today we simply forward the traffic on port 443 directly to the trough the router. With todays solution there are no room for more ssl-domains...

    Thankyou all for any response!
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    Ironically, I was reading that while you wrote this answer... -But thanks! :)

    What I don't understand is the scrolldownmenus I see when configuring a new site; The Server-scrolldownlist and the ipaddress-scrolldownlist. In my configuration I have only one selection to choose from in each of them.
    I would have assumed that these were the keys to solve my problem, but
    1. I don't know how to add more choises to the scrolldownlists, and
    2. since you, Falko, who wrote ISPConfig don't mention them I guess that makes my assumption wrong...

    Thanks anyway! :)

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    You can ignore the Server drop-down menu because ISPConfig 2 isn't capable of handling multiple servers. This feature was planned, but never implemented (but ISPConfig 3 can handle multiple servers :)).

    If your server has multiple IP addresses and you have added them under Management > Server > Settings, you can choose the IP address that a web site should listen on from the IP address drop-down menu.

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