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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by BobGeorge, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. BobGeorge

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    I've upgraded Apache2 to a version that includes mod_http2. I've done "a2enmod http2" to enable it. I've added "Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1" to the Apache configuration.

    But Chromium still reports "http/1.1" as the protocol with the site I'm testing with, which does use HTTPS (though, as this is just me testing things before I go live, it's just a self-signed certificate, as I don't want to mess with any live domains only for testing - does that matter?).

    I'd like to get HTTP2 working server-wide but following the instructions I found online, it's just not working.

    (I have seen a thread where it's mentioned that ISPConfig's out-of-the-box support is scheduled for 3.2, which is good to know, but how does one do this the manual way, until that version lands?)
  2. till

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    Have you tried to add the protocols line in a https vhost file of a website manually and then restart apache? If that is working, then you can adjust the vhost master template and add it there.
  3. BobGeorge

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    I think the problem lies with trying to do it with a self-signed certificate on my laptop, as I can see the "Upgrade: h2,h2c" headers are being sent by the server, but the browser is not honouring it on its end - likely because I've had the security warning on the self-signed certificate and waived it away. The browser refuses HTTP/2 on that which it regards as "insecure".

    I guess I'll come back to this puzzle later, once I've got it on the server properly with the real certificate to keep the browsers happy that everything's legit. But it's a bit of a pain that browsers do it this way, as I'd like to test - locally - that everything's 100% before putting anything live on the server.

    It's not vital to do it right now - I just wanted to see how HTTP/2 would affect the performance of the site I'm working on. I'll come back to this later (and if my suspicions are correct then simply using a real trusted certificate should fix it anyway).

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