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    JESUSSAVES New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Hoping someone might be able to help.

    I have some PHP code to run a HTML5 Websocket Server on my Debian Wheezy ISPConfig 3 setup but not sure what address to use instantiate the server, how to setup a passcode in the server (or if I can avoid using one) and then pass it with Javascript, and in what directory to put the server script on my box.

    		$this->server = new WebSocketServer("tcp://", 'superdupersecretkey');
    Sure I can use my IP address, but which port? Can I use 8080? Do I need to use a different port? Do I then just add it to the /etc/services file and to my router, and i guess tables as well? And in what corresponding directory will it look for my server script?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. till

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    You will have to use a port that is not in use yet. Port 8080 is most likely used by ispconfig, so you have to use a different one like 8090 and then open this port in your router. You dont have to add the port to /etc/services.

    JESUSSAVES New Member

    great - that works

    Thanks Till.

    Also it seems to land me in my www directory although I don't know why. This call connected me.

      socket = new WebSocket("ws://99.999.99.9:8090/");

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