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  1. mrmagoo

    mrmagoo New Member

    I can't send mail with HTML format, the mail is sent but when receive the same mail its on plain text format i see all the html tags like in the html editor.
    Any sugestions
    Sorry for my bad english
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Which mailclient do you use? Have you enabled mailscan in the email settings in ISPConfig for this account?
  3. mrmagoo

    mrmagoo New Member

    Some More Tests

    I'm using Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1807 I do some tests I found that the problem is when I use any e-mail client to receibe the mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Opera. If I use the webmail I have no problem the mensage looks fine but with the clients I get the HTML code instead of the nice looking mesage

  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Please disable the Mailscan option for that email account in ISPConfig and try again.

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