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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by durjoy, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. durjoy

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    dunno is the right forum to ask for help , but i cant see any category for html help . dont know any other site as well . howtoforge is the only one site where i usualy pop in for help and tech issues .

    dear experts . i was hosting my site with different server than curent hosting however i have moved my site into new server and start having so many troubles .

    first of all couldnt figure out simple html error ..

    after successfuly moving site into new server i have checked every single page is there anything missing but i couldnt find anything missing everything as it is .

    now i have noticed when i open my site with internet explorer i am getting error message on the internet explorer status bar . done but error with page when i double click

    it showing line :2
    char : 12
    error :expected
    code : 0


    i have attached picture and source code of index file please check them .

    thanks alot hope some one can help



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  2. falko

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    Seems to be a problem with some Javascript code on your page. Are you sure you didn't modify it, and that this error did not occur on the old server as well?
  3. durjoy

    durjoy New Member

    dear , falko thanks alot for your kind replay . i am glad you have replied as u always do . i know sir there is some problem with java script . the problem is i cant identify which one .

    strange thing is that . that problem doesnt happen with my old hosting ..

    still everything is fine there


  4. gridorian

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  5. edge

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    I do not know if your old provider was a Windows server, and if your new provider is a Linux one.

    If so, than make sure that you set the files / images / script that you refer to EXACTLY as they are named on the server.

    In Linux a capital letter WILL make a difference in the code if it's not the same!

    http://www.domain.tld/file.txt IS NOT the same as http://www.domain.tld/File.txt , and will give you a 404 error.

    I'm not saying that this is the problem in your case, but it could be!

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