Howto Update Squirrelmail (Ispconfig3 in Debian Lenny)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alogoC, Sep 25, 2009.

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    I am new to squirrelmail and to ispconfig

    I used the howtoforge prefect guide to install squirrelmail etc with ispconfig3

    Although i have 1.4.15 version and i have some problems (like the one with the Adresses not working).So i want to update to the most recent one.

    I'd really like if someone could help and tell me the commands to install to a newer version.

    As i said i'm new and scared to this thing,so i didn't want to try this all by myself and mess up the mail server,since it took me lots of effort and days to make it actually working,online too :)
  2. Nikola

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    cd /tmp/
    wget here_latest_version_now_is_squirrelmail-1.4.19.tar.gz
    tar xvfz squirrelmail-1.4.19.tar.gz

    2) i used mc
    backup dir squirrelmail in /user/share/squirrelmail somwhere e.g. home/your_profile

    3) copy all dirs and files in /tmp/squirrelmail*/*.* except config! dir to /user/share/squirrelmail , some files need to be rewrite

    nano /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/config.php <- edit your language if u dont prefer ennglish ...

    try new squirrelmail and enjoy!

    thanks for ispconfig mate!
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