Howto Suggestion: Varnish Setup

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  1. I know this is 'cheeky' :D

    Any chance of a Varnish howto guide for Ubuntu/Debian? I have attempted to install it and reconfigure ispconfig & vhosts etc.

    I cannot get it to work :confused:

    My skills are sadly lacking ....
  2. till

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    I installed varnish last year for a customer, it was not that complicated if I remember correcty. Basicaly the steps were:

    1) configure apache to listen on localhost only.
    2) reconfigure the vhost themplate in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/ so that it uses localhost instaed of * or the IP address for all vhosts on port 80. For port 443, I left the normal vhost so that apache handles ssl connections.
    3) install varnish and let it request all pages from apache on localhost.

    I havent written down the steps in detail last yer, so I acnt give you more detailed instructions at the moment.
  3. srijan

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    You can integerate Varnish with Drupal7.

    Use this guide for drupal on ubuntu & further use this link to integrate varnish woth that.


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