Howto make Jailkit updatesafe

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    I've added new sections to "jk_init.ini" which will always be overwritten when there is a new update.
    What is the best and correct approach to make my custom sections update stable?

  2. nhybgtvfr

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    in the install tarball, once extracted, is an install/tpl folder, in there is the file jk_init.ini.master,
    i believe you can copy this to /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf-custom/install. you may also need to add a tpl folder there, and put this file in there.
    you can then make changes to this file, and this will get used at the next upgrade.
    obviously, the upgrade release may contain it's own changes, so you'll still need to check the new source master file and compare it to your custom file and see if anything needs to be merged in.
    so it won't really safe you any work, just means you won't have to remember your own changes from memory if you didn't keep a copy of the file elsewhere.

    i know they've made it so that you can just keep parts of the postfix config in a custom file, only containing the additional bits of config you want, or the bits you to change from the default.
    guess it would be nice if the same could be done with jailkit, and just have a custom file with the bits you want to add to jk_init.ini

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