HOWTO Implement VirtualBox based VM, networking issue

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  1. autogun

    autogun New Member

    Howdy all,

    Im running VBoxHeadless on CentOS 5.5,
    VBox host ETH0 has the IP of - 19X.20X.52.9X
    And sub-interface ETH0:0 of -

    Guest VM (win2k3 if matters) is configured as BRIDGED nic and uses -
    GW -

    Now, I can ping & 19X.20X.52.9X from guest vm but no success pinging Google's public DNS ( for example.

    Can somebody give me a hint how to apply this setup so it will work?

    Big thanks!
  2. autogun

    autogun New Member

    The answer is pretty simple,
    All needed to be done to make my setup work is to set the Guest NIC to NAT.
    VirtualBox has its own Router-alike function, Guest VM receives IP from VBox DHCP and network is working.

    Now I wanted to port-forward 3389 to use Guest's RDP protocol,
    This is how it's done -

    All works,
    /me happy!
    -- Cheers

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