Howto DomainKeys Using Ubuntu, Postfix And Dkim-Filter

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  1. Halindel

    Halindel New Member


    Thanks in advance to answer to my problem.

    I actually follow the howto

    I follow all the point and everything seem to work perfectly but when I send an email to my yahoo account, I don't have a domainkey valid.

    I have a debian lenny postfix works, and dkim-filter too. Unfortunately I can't do the part with bind9 because I use godaddy to manage my domaine name. So I add the public key in godaddy.

    If you need information or other think to help me I will give you.

    Thanks again.
  2. Halindel

    Halindel New Member

    Hi again,

    Nobody can help me ?
    I try a few other how to with put the public key in the dns on godaddy put It doesn't work.
    And I don't know where looking for the answer.

    Because I can't see if me message is send with a key or not and it's when yahoo try to identify who don't work or if i send an email without a key.

  3. Halindel

    Halindel New Member

    Hi again,

    I thinks nobody can resolve my problem. But I manage to have my domainKey works on gmail, Gmail tell me my email is sign but for yahoo I have a new problem :
    dkim=temperror(signature timestamp in the future)

    I do not undestand why I have this message because gmail works fine.

    Anybody have an Idea ?
  4. irfan

    irfan New Member

    please check your date of system.

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