howto Domain module, mail domains limit & mail alias unlimited ?

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    i want to run model where user has limited number of Mail domains, but can add unlimited number of mail domain aliases.

    Problem is then:

    domains has to be linked to user in Domains module, that it OK.

    user has one mail domain limit. doman.tld is added as Email domain, OK

    but then: Domain aliases cannot be added in "Email Accounts=>Email Alias" before those are added first in Email Accounts=> Domain.

    Once any domains are added as email doman i'm not able to restrict user to use this domains just as aliases.


    So the problem is why Email Domains aliases has to be added as Email domains first ?
    User limit "Max. number of domain aliases" is useless then

    i have added this to bugtrack some time ago[0]=&sev[0]=&due[0]=&cat[0]=&status[0]=open&percent[0]=&reported[0]= , but never got any answer
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    No one has idea ?
    this is common practice for "unlimited domains" hosting

    Client can alias as many webdomains as he wants. And to ensure no one is reseling his webhosting, emails can be set only on primary domain and rest are just domain aliases...

    I'm really sad i cannot achieve this in ISPconfig with Domains module...

    I think the design can be changed - if email domain will be set as alias, that system can set it also as email domain, if this is necessary

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