Howto create a MX Backup to your ISPConfig 2 with automatically sync

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  1. Dear all, :)

    I am so happy now to say: that is my first post and my first contribuition to ISPConfig project.

    I hope it may help somebody to do that more fast than normal, that is my proposal.

    What you will receive at end of this Howto is a MX backup to your hosted domains over the main ISPConfig 2.

    I hope you know, but never is too much say again, what you need.

    1 - You need a complete ISPConfig 2 operating and running
    2 - Another machine with Postfix installed and running, you just need Postfix running at that other machine, that machine will be the MX backup.

    Let´s get started!

    The steps bellow must be followed on the ISPConfig2 machine.

    1 - First, create a new user on your MySQL server named "isp-mx-backup".

    2 - Be carefull with the privileges, allow access from the other machine only then grant permission to SELECT on ISPConfig2 database and "isp_isp_web" table.

    The steps bellow must be followed on the other machine with Postfix.

    1 - Create the query domains script at /root/ispconfig/getMXDomains.php:
      $ispconfigHost = ''; // set the IP or HOSTNAME to your ISPConfig2
      $ispconfigUser = 'isp-mx-backup'; // change if you created another username than the sugestted
      $ispconfigPass = 'password'; // change to the password of the user
      $ispconfigBase = 'db_ispconfig'; // change to the database name of ISPConfig2
    /* No changes needed for the next lines */
      mysql_connect($ispconfigHost,$ispconfigUser,$ispconfigPass) or die('Cannot connect');
      mysql_select_db($ispconfigBase) or die('Cannot select db');
      $sql = "SELECT `web_domain` domain FROM `isp_isp_web` WHERE `web_dns_mx`=1";
      $query = mysql_query($sql);
      $num = mysql_num_rows($query);
      if ($num>0){
        $conf = "relay_domains=\"\\\$mydestination";
        while ($data = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
            $conf .= ",{$data['domain']}";
        $conf .= "\"";
      exec("postconf -e {$conf}");
      exec("postconf -e relay_recipient_maps=\"\"");
      exec("/etc/init.d/postfix reload");
    Obs: You may change the interpreter line to the properly path to PHP, if you are not using CentOS distro or RedHat based distro.

    2 - Grant execution permission to this script
    chmod +x /root/ispconfig/getMXDomains.php
    3 - Put this script to your cronjob
    * */01 * * * /root/ispconfig/getMXDomains.php
    4 - Now after create a new domain you must create a new MX entry, the priority must be high then the primary (your ISPConfig 2).

    Feel free to comment.

    I hope it helps!

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