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  1. Bei

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    I have got my mail server running great on etch with postfix, mysql virtual accounts, and i use courier-imap.

    what I do want to get implemented though is a global shared public folder.

    I am having a hard time figuring this out.

    Looked at <a href="">courier maildirmake</a> but struggling to get it working.

    maildirmake -S /home/Public_Folder
    maildirmake -s write -f public /home/Public_Folder
    Added "public /home/Public_Folder" to /etc/courier/maildirshared

    after that point not sure what to do really to get global share enabled.

    my goal would be to have new created accounts have read / write access to the folder by default where users can store important mail that other users can see for future reference.

    Any help or tips would be appreciated.
  2. Bei

    Bei New Member

    okay i got it showing in my list on my windows client when i subscribe now..

    did a ..
    chown -cR vmail:vmail /home/Public_Folder
    chmod 2777 -cR /home/Public_Folder

    but problem now is when i use Outlook Express and subscribe i get the structure

    Public_Folder (none editable) > public (non editable) > public (editable)

    anyone know if this is normal or there a way to get it to this structure?

    Public_Folder (none editable) > public (editable)


    maybe if i can get the acl's working right i can restructure it.

    authenumerate -s

    [email protected] 5000 5000 /home/vmail

    maildiracl -set /home/Public_Folder INBOX.Public_Folder.public anyone cleirtx
    maildiracl -list Public_Folder INBOX.Public_Folder.public

    owner aceilrstwx
    administrators aceilrstwx
    anyone ceilrtx


    but in Outlook when trying to create a folder in the first instance of Public_Folders says

    Unable to create the folder. The server responded: 'Access denied for CREATE on Public_Folder.public.newfoldername (ACL "c" required)'.

    is there a special group that i would need to add for the ACL?
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