HowTo compile a kernel: Ubuntu way - problem with kernel sources

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    I'm having trouble with the .deb files obtained as the HowTo describes.

    I've created the two .deb on a machine, which rebooted on the new kernel with no problem. Then I installed the two .deb on a second machine and also this one booted on the new kernel with no problem.

    But, on the second machine, when i try to compile modules, such as madwifi, the compilation fails with pretty strange errors (errors attached). Errors seems related to kernel source files missing or different. I did install the headers.deb too.

    On the machine where the .deb have been obtained madwifi compiles. However, I noticed that on that machine
    link to the folder where I had compiled the kernel and not to the source folder obtained through the .deb

    If i do change those links to point to the source folder obtained from the .deb, as it is on the second machine, then madwifi does not compile anymore. I attach the diff of the two folders.

    I'm currently re-doing the compilation process to be sure I did not skip any step (I already know I did not create a link to /usr/src/linux, but could that alone explain the problem?). I'll let you know the outcome of this second try.

    Last piece of info: the kernel I'm compiling is the vanilla kernel patched to install click as a kernel module (, click-1.7.0rc1/etc/linux- Madwifi is version 0.9.4, svn revisions 4007.

    Any idea?

    Thanks :)

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    I just finished to rebuild the .deb and install them on both the original and the second machine. Same problem as before.

    The only other hint that I can give you is the output of:
    sudo dpkg -i linux-image-
    sudo dpkg -i linux-image-
    Setting up linux-image- ( ...
     Hmm. There is a symbolic link /lib/modules/
     However, I can not read it: No such file or directory
     Therefore, I am deleting /lib/modules/
     Hmm. The package shipped with a symbolic link /lib/modules/
     However, I can not read the target: No such file or directory
     Therefore, I am deleting /lib/modules/
    However, /lib/modules/mykernel/build points to the right sources (installed by the deb). However with those sources I cannot compile madwifi.

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