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    Hi folks
    may be this is a stupid problem but I hope to find the right solution.
    Recently I bought a pre-installed ispconfig 3 (centOS 5.5) and the provider configured ISPConfig as follow:

    admin panel > system > server config > tab "server"


    if I issue:

    hostname -f

    the system returns me the domain associated to my server:

    I'm bit confused. With the configuration above, when PHP send an email the sender is: "[email protected]"
    I want the server configured as "[email protected]"

    My question is simple: should I configure IPSConfig3 changing:




    (the IP addresses "nameservers" are correct?)

    and so on .... there is somewhere else to change other data?!?

    Thank you very much...
  2. till

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    Its a bad idea to change that as it would mean that you can not have any email addresses for afterwards as the hostname of the system can not be the same then a domain name that is used for email.

    The hostname in the ispconfig server settings is only for ispconfigs internal use, so changing that has no influence on your server configuration. If you want to chaneg the server hsotname (which I dont recommend as described above), then you will have to chnage it on the shell in /etc/hosts and the centos network configuration program.

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