Howto add Mailman to current setup?

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    Adding mailman

    I also followed a version of that howto and am trying to add mailman.

    So far, I've done:

    1. aptitude install mailman
    2. newlist mailman
    3. added the output of newlist mailman to /etc/aliases.
    4. uncommented the line re spamassassin in /etc/mailman/
    5. used phpmyadmin to create the domain (and added same to my dns server and the apache config for
    and now I've reviewed /etc/mailman/ and /usr/share/doc/mailman/README.Debian and other online mailman documentation and I'm a bit stumped about which way to go from here. I'd rather not mess up my working mailserver, but clear instructions on adding mailman to Debian/Ubuntu systems using postfix with virtual hosts and mysql are hard to come by... Anyone know how to proceed from here? I'm not using ISPConfig.
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    Mailman working!

    I now have mailman integrated with a postfix setup created through one of the howtos here, using virtual domains and mysql.

    I've summarized the steps that I took and that got it working for me, in a blog post.

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