how work master/Slave server & How is the min bandwith for IspConfig

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  1. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Hello All,

    I am looking hard to have an houisng solution with good price
    I d like to have two server for IspConfig; one Master and one Slave.

    1. We are agree that if the Master Crash? the Slave will works instead of the Master the time I fix the problem of the Master.
    2. Both server must have the same configuration (RAM; CPU; HD)?
    3. If I start first with only one server and later I decide to add a slave. Is it easy to add a Slave when the Master is working since a year?

    I am thinking to have IspConfig at home with my own 5 web site. And later add some client web site. may be 10 or 15 web domain (incl e-mail and DB).
    There are not big web site. my client are architect, physioterapeute, teacher, small hostel.
    But at home I can have 20Mbts max.

    How many web domain can host with IspConfig keeping in mind I only have 20Mbits.

    It's not a lot, but the best I can do now. But it is an idea to start and later I can migrate to a Server Houisng provider.

    Also I seriously thought to buy a server because I got a good offer,
    But may be I am going to start my 3 web site with with my Old MacBook G4 (do not laught :eek:). ) even if I really prefer to have a server.
    I already installed Ubuntu. My macbook G4 has about HD:80G, RAM : 1G or 2G (I dont remeber), PowerPC 1.67Ghz. I know is not a lot but I can try with this for a couple of mount, no?

    Thank for your suggestion.
    I am based in Switzerland in case you know good and not expensive Server Housing solution.

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  2. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Someone has any idea?
    it will help
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The bandwidth does not depend on the number of websites, it depends on the amount of traffic that the websites have. Thats not ispconfig specific as the traffic is made by the website vistors and handled by apache.

    20Mbit can be fine for several small sites while it can be the bottleneck for just one larger site. So its not possible to make a general prediction if 20Mbit is enough for your sites or not. I recommend that you just try it.
  4. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Ok great for your answer,
    And what about the Master/slave.

    Can I easly add a Slave server after one year of use of the Master?
    The Salve must have the same config than the Master?

  5. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    20mbits per sec, is enought to host quite some websites.

    to give you an example, 1mbit stands for about 300gb per month of trafic. so 20mbits - could easily make for 6Terabyte of data.

    im not releated to howtoforge - my my estimate is that websites like this usally only burst up to 20 to 30 mbit. but avarage at mutch lower speeds (correct me if im wrong crew - by al means).

    the thing is that most home hosting

    A dont have backups. and in many places only get 20mbits downloading speeds (not upload). in real world only people with Fiberglass to the home connections get upload speeds of 10mbit or more.

    (you may want to run first befor you try hosting.

    2 things ar important. 1 - your ping should be lower than 100ms (preferably lower than 50ms) - and your upload 10mbit/s or more.

    downloads speed has no influence on [email protected]

    also read the manual on howto setup multiserver setups.
  6. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Thnak for your answer but my big worries is about the Master and Slave server
    Any idea?
  7. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Dear All,
    Some has an idea about the Maser and Slave server?

    I have another question about the ns server ( and

    On my master and slave server I will have two netowkr card. then each server can I two different IP address.

    the sub domain ( match to the hostname with the IP address.
    For exemple I can create 4 ns as this: => First IP address of my Master server => Second IP address of my Master server => First IP address of my Slave server => Second IP address of my Slave server

    But then, which should be the hostname of the Master server, ns1 or ns2?
    (Same question for te Salve server)

    In case if ns1 and ns2 does not answer because of the crash of the Master, ns3 and 4 will forwrad http request to the Slave.

    Am I correct

    Could correct me if I am wrong?

    About Slave and Master.

    Can I add a slave one year after the Master is in use or should I install and configure both at he same time?
    Must the Slave server have the same config as the Master? After raeding some information, I do not thnik so, but if I can ahev your point of view, it would be nice

    Thank a lot
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  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If the slave is not an mirror, then yes. Otherwise no, as mirrors have to be installed at the syme time or they will not be in sync.

    Thats depends on the setup, see Multiserver setup tutorials. The setup is there explained step by step for several scenarios.
  9. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Thank for your answer,
    It will be a mirroiring setup.

    Does the Slave (mirroir) server can be consider as the second DNS (

    I check the installation tuto for multiserver, but I did see information baout hardware requirement as ram, cpu etc :eek:(
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  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The mirroring function is not limitde to DNS.

    The requirements depend on the number of websites and the traffic that tehse websites have and not on ISPConfig.
  11. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Hello Till again.
    And thank again for your help and explication. I really appreciate.

    I do not understand what you state here
    if my masetr will be names ns1 and the Slave ns2. I can not considere ns2 as a Domain Nase server which will take over ns1 if ns1 has an issue of name resolution?
    In case on Master and Slave miroirring, how many ns can I have?

    Now I have a last question regarding Hardware.

    I am going to buy a server with a QuadCore 2.4Gh and 16G of RAM and 2x2T in RAID1. I will install Debian.
    (I am thinking to have a third 1T HD for /Home)

    Now I can have a old Power Mac G5 Quad with 2,5Ghz (PowerPC) and 12G of Ram. I need to add HD to have 2T. I also will install Debian in that Mac Server. I know there is a Debian Version for PowerPC.

    Can be that Mac server the mirroir/Slave of the Mac? I will install Debian on that MacServer
    It does not matter the fact of the machine as long as the specification of the server are sacceptable?

    I can have that MacServer for a really good price.

    Thank for your answer, it help me to prepare a good installation as I am a bit anxious....

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  12. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, you can use the Mac. The CPU architecture doesn't matter.
  13. Member


    You don't need 2 NIC's in every server, mount the ip addressen on 1 NIC, that's enough.

    Regarding your name servers, follow the installations manual of ISPconfig 3 for setting up a multiserver environment, just answer the DNS question with "yes". (Falko did a great job writing the manual)
    For the DNS servers it should be enough to use 2 different servers with 2 different IP addresses (more servers are better of course ;) ), also they should be on 2 different geographical locations, it's useless to setup 4 nameservers when 2 servers are used.


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