how to verify if mails got sent?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Ovidiu, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I have a customer who has a very large member database. around 3000 ppl.
    he tried to send a newsletter yesterday and it seems none of the mails arrived.

    the tool he uses to send sends via sendmail comandline. it sends in batches of 100 and as he sends to his own address and the others as bcc he got 30 copies of his own mail, which indicates to me his mails got sent successull, yet none of the ppl. he asked about this received the newsletter. not even in their spam folders.

    I had a look at my stats tools and neither the mailqueue graphs nor the requests graphs show anything abnormal. mailgraph did not show anything about a lot of mails being sent.
    nothing interesting inside the mail logs, I did not get any warning mails, just nothing.

    I am running debian 3.1 set up like the perfect debian sarge setup from

    what else can I check to ensure the problem is not serverside but rather on the clients side or maybe even on the recepients side?

    10 minutes after he sent the newletter I checked with the mailq command and it showed me the queue was empty.
    I was expecting to see a lot of entried there as I am sure he needs to "clean-up" his database, as last time I remember him sending out a newsletter there were a lot of dead addresses, but last time he sent with another tool.

    I am open for any suggestions
  2. falko

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    Are you sure your customer used your server for sending? Do you see anything in the mail log around the time he sent his newsletter?
    Have you checked if your server is blacklisted?
  3. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    - I am not blacklisted (just checked)
    - like I said he said he sends in batches of 100 recepients, his own address is in the to field the other 100 are in the bcc field. All I found during the time he said he sent this newsletter were these entries:

    - nothing relevant in mail.err
    - in mail.log

    seems like he sent a testmesage to himself or he has a forwarding on!?

    he said he sent his newsletter aroung 18:30 so here I found roughly 30 or so entries like these:

    but it seems he is only sending to the TO addres, else I should see all other outgoing emails to those 100's of BCC recepients too, right?
  4. falko

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    Hm... Maybe it's a problem with the tool your customer uses? :confused:
  5. Ovidiu

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    yeah, I was just checking - I'll double check with him tomorrow...

    one more addition, see atached file. those are excerpts from the logs....

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  6. falko

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    What kind of emails were sent to the web2_info account? Bounce or error messages?
  7. Ovidiu

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    like I said, he get 1 mail for every 100 BCC users, and he said he got his own newsletter roughly 30 times, no errors... so to me it looks like the newsletter tool, might have not sent to the bcc addresses but only to him?
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Maybe. The log looks ok. :confused:

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