How to use UebiMiau Webmail?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by weslkers, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. weslkers

    weslkers New Member

    I had updated the uebimiau webmail to my ispconfig, so how to use the uebimiau function? any website for review how to use uebimiau or could any1 teach me how to use it? THX ya~

    best regard to u all~
  2. denmaus

    denmaus New Member

  3. Jorem

    Jorem Member

    Or http:// if you selected http instead of https during your install.
  4. weslkers

    weslkers New Member

    Here the problem, before i can login the https://myserver:81/webmail.... but i accidently click the clear private data~ so now the page was loading & stuck ~ nothing come out~ hwo to solve this problem? some more where should i register the email address? frm ISPconfig?

    pls help thx~
  5. weslkers

    weslkers New Member

    :eek: no people in this page? hmmm.... wondering~ any1 could help my problem~~~
  6. Jorem

    Jorem Member

    I don't really understand your problem. But private data is in the browser I think? Has nothing to do with ISPConfig or webmail.

    Just go to the control panel. Fill in the password one more time (if you lost it). Go to the page .....:81/webmail . Fill in email & password and you can login. That is all.

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