how to update master server regarding ip change of other servers

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by csthiang, May 28, 2013.

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    I am currently running ISPconfig 3 multi-server and recently we had an IP change on one of the DB servers. Although I have changed the DNS and the domain points to the correct server, ISPconfig seem to be not aware of the changes and shows server failure in the monitor. I suppose I have to update some configuration files to update the IPs, but a look at the configuration does not reveal anything information about other servers. Can any one point me to a file/place where I can update the new information? Thank you!
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    I'd start with recycling bind on your master a "service named restart" or similar?

    Whats the TTL set to for the A record of the slave? The master may still be caching the old ip address corresponding to the FQDN of slave server.

    But recycling dns and a quick dig or nslookup from master to check details may solve it.

    Depending on how you set permissions in the first place, you may need to check that Mysql on slave server with new ip address is authorised to connect to master?

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