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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by happz, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. happz

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    I setup site mirror with rsync and it worked perfectly. Now, when I created web1 it is copied to server 2 across town. This is what i wanted but now I think that it might be causing issues. Now, I have also installed the auto backup for mysql as well as database replication across the two servers.

    My issues is:
    Server 1 (home-ispconfig-on dsl-server) is running esxi with my ubuntu 9.10 server and ispconfig 2 and one web site which is a php/mysql based site. When I power up the ubuntu server it brings all my computer in the house down to a crawl. Wife is unhappy :mad:, i am unhappy :( and xbox 360/PlayStation3 is unhappy :eek:.

    Speed test on download with server off, 5.2MB. Speed test with server on 200k download.

    Could there be a relationship between rsync and auto mysql backup?

    Please review and let me know what you guys think.

  2. Unfortunately rsync does not have an autoconf switch to turn off lutimes, so I had to patch and rebuild.
  3. falko

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    Is there lots of data that has to be transferred? Like lots of file changes, database updates, etc.?
  4. happz

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    It was just installed and withing minutes it started to kill my internet. The script does have lots of plugins with associated db tables but I really didn't think it would cause this. The good news is that I created snapshots of my web-server with every change I made so, I reverted to the snapshot before I added rsync and mysql replication. This did resolve the issue. Everyone is happy now.

    However this does make me want to ask this question. Was rsync meant only for local replication i.e. within the same network or should I been able to rsync across two server outside of the same network?

  5. falko

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    You can use rsync over the Internet - I've never had any problems with it. Of course, that depends on your network connection and the amount of data that has to be transferred.

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