How to turn off chrooted cron jobs, etc.?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by darkangel, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I tried following this, but I think it's outdated.

    We're using ISPc, and all I can see is "Max. Allowed Cronjob types (chrooted and full implies url)" which I changed from "URL Cron" to "Full Cron", but that made no difference.


    Also, our web1 has a bunch of extra folders like lib, lib64, private, etc. – how can I get rid of these? I'm assuming it's also related to this jailkit stuff, but I'm not sure how to disable it and clean up the unneeded folders.

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    No, thats up to date, it enables full cron for this client. Just add a new cronjob, you will see it.

    If you are sure that no secripts from your site and no cronjobs require the jail anymore, then you can delete these folders as root after you removed the immutable attribute from the web root folder.
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    I edited each existing cron and they were moved to the correct file.

    What do you mean by "after you removed the immutable attribute from the web root folder"?

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    Could you please clarify?
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