How to test DNS?

Discussion in 'General' started by kendel, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. kendel

    kendel New Member

    Is there a way to test internally if the DNS server is working properly. I did and have nameserver issues.

    My router is forwarding port 53 to ns1 and these are my DNS settings:
    Yes A 0  
    Yes A mail 0  
    Yes A www 0  
    Yes MX 10  
    Yes NS 0  
    Yes NS 0 
  2. kendel

    kendel New Member

    I figured out that my nameserver are not being resolved internally, how can I fix this... I changed the IP address of the hostname to and it now works... Why does it not resolve the internal IP?
  3. almere

    almere Member HowtoForge Supporter

    you can try dig from localhost to extern IP
  4. kendel

    kendel New Member

    Does anyone have any mapping guides to go by to efficiently map DNS records to internal server.
  5. kendel

    kendel New Member

    One problem I am trying to figure out. Or rather a few problems:

    I have my phpmyadmin on my db1 server running an apache instance.
    I wish to make ispconfig on the panel server connecter to the phpmyadmin on the db server, how can I do that. one method I tried was:

    First removing the /phpmyadmin from ispconfig server configuration then.
    Using ssh to open the panel server that has the ispconfig web shell
    nano /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/database_phpmyadmin.php
        if($global_config['phpmyadmin_url'] != '') {
            $phpmyadmin_url = $global_config['phpmyadmin_url'];
            $phpmyadmin_url = str_replace('[SERVERNAME]',$serverData['server_name'],$phpmyadmin_url);
        } else {
            isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])? $http = 'https' : $http = 'http';
            $http = 'http'; : just insert this line exactly here.
            if($web_config['server_type'] == 'nginx') {
                header('location:' . $http . '://' . $serverData['server_name'] . ':8081/phpmyadmin');
            } else {
                header('location:' . $http . '://' . $serverData['server_name'] . '/phpmyadmin');
    I added the $http = 'http'; then I created an A record for db1 to the internal IP address of the database server which was called

    That of course did not work internally on the network or externally.

    How can I correct this?
  6. kendel

    kendel New Member

    I have a glue record for my domain but when I create the site and add the DNS records it does not work, here are the results:

    But another domain using the same Nameservers and works fine:

    using the same DNS record settings... Am I not able to use the domain of my name servers? or how can I fix this.

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