How To Tell Which Ports Being BLOCKED??

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by matey, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. matey

    matey New Member

    I cannot get on the Internet using firefox on my Ubuntu workstation, so I thought umm may be they put my IP in a black list? so I use dhclient to get a new IP and it worked but now I cannot get on the Internet again and dhclient does not work, I mean I do get a new IP an I can ping or even download apt-get install etc, BUT cannot get on the Internet?

    I'd like to know how I can see which ports are being blocked?
    like port 80?

    Any info is appreciated.
    using ubuntu9/debian flavor linux
  2. matey

    matey New Member


    I am still blocked...

    any wizards?gurus?magicians? or otherwise noobs with knowledge of this??

    lol :D
    I Have access to all the servers here, so it is no problem for me to poke around but I just want to know exactly where (which file) I should edit to remove the block from my IP/MAC address.
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    So apt-get does work, but you cannot surf the Internet? Does this apply to all web sites, or just a few?
  4. matey

    matey New Member

    Thank you Falko for the reply
    all of the web sites that I commonly visit do not work. Sites like google or howtoForge etc.
    But that is a good question, I did not try our company's own web page!
    I should try that Monday when i go back to work.
    In any case I know before when I renewed my IP address the Internet worked.
    but still with the old IP I could get downloads, ssh and ping the well known sites?

    that i didnt understand.
  5. soroccoheaven

    soroccoheaven New Member

    are you sure about block ?..check your net connection by using ping and traceroute first..check your dns too.
  6. pamalsilva

    pamalsilva New Member

    Hi I had same problem previsly working with apachi webserver . after I fond theres some conflict with skype because skype also using port 80.i think your problem slould be like that.can you tell which program running on your pc?specially web base program such as apachi?
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That sounds as if your new IP is somehow being blocked. Can you try to get another IP?
  8. av1611

    av1611 New Member

    Many ISP's are now blocking inbound port 80 requests to prevent residential customers from running server.

    I would suggest going to and running the port scanner. The site will tell you what's open and what's not.
  9. matey

    matey New Member

    Hey guys;

    Thanks a lot for all the help. I finally got it up and running.
    I (as Falko said) renewed my IP and got a different one (3rd one really) and then it worked.
    Also I noticed while my localhost worked fine the other site were offline but that was a FireFox problem it somehow kept putting this checkmark in File-->Work Offline box!?

    really made me

    Anyway this new IP address (also a private like 192.168.x.x) works?
    I ran dhclient eth0 it fixed it.
    Thanks for all the help.

    I think AV is right about port 80 being blocked tho...cuz I was playing around with apache2 and messing with ports when this happened.

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