How to SWF to JPG converstion using PHP GD library ?

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    Hello, i hope anyone can help me on this... stuck on this.. i m creating a t-shirt customization by using flash, PHP and MYSQL..
    there are 3 main functions of customization which are add color, add image and add text. and finally save as jpeg file.. and store into database is tat possible to do this? how to write e code which save t shirt as jpeg file?(by using flash and PHP)
    anyone can help ??


    Anil Kumar Panigrahi
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  2. meeso

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    Since flash is really client side and PHP is serverside, you are going to need to have Flash submit some sort of data to PHP to process... There's not going to be a SWF to JPG converter.. Closest thing you'd get would be php-ffmpeg which can make a snapshot but what you are asking won't work the way you are thinking.

    Flash needs to export something via POST data to PHP.. Then you can use php to store the MySQL data in blob format or a link to a hard file on the server or whatever.

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