How to solve these Mail questions in linux pls help

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    Hi Guys,

    I am an RHCE student today my teacher gave me questions i dont know how to solve them...we hasnt finished the course yet...

    1.Configure POP3 email on your system according to these criteria:
    { User Naresh must be able to retrieve email from your machine using POP3 from within
    { Clients within the domain should not have access to your POP3 service

    2. Configure SMTP mail service according to the following requirements:
    { Your mail server should accept mail from remote hosts and localhost
    { User jetking must be able to receive mail from remote hosts
    { Mail delivered to susan should spool into the default mail spool for jetking, /var/spool/mail/jetking

    3. Provide SSL-encapsulated IMAP access (IMAPS):
    { IMAPS must be available to brad from
    { IMAPS must NOT be available to other networks or domains.
    { The SSL certi cate for the IMAPS server must be created as follows:
    Use the defaults for Country, State, Locality, and Organization Name
    Set Organizational Unit to GLS
    Set Common Name to
    Set Email Address to [email protected].

    I Hve an working primary and slave dns and sendmail installed i followed the instructions in my 253 book that didnt let me go anywhere...i couldn't do it successfully So iam expecting something step by step from you all Cool Experts... :)...pls+pls help me i need it badly..

    at least give me answer of 2. question please. step by step but if possible give answer of all :):confused:


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