How to solve the cgi-bin/bugzilla/cgi-bin/bugzilla url problem seen on debian

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rjamesd, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. rjamesd

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    This might apply to other Linux distributions too.

    I installed bugzilla on Debian 4 Etch:
    apt-get install bugzilla

    Then, browsing to the bugzilla homepage on my machine, http://localhost/cgi-bin/bugzilla/ was fine.


    On submitting data by clicking one of the buttons, I got an error that the page could not be found, and cgi-bin/bugzilla/cgi-bin/bugzilla was seen in the URL that caused the error.
    Obviously this is wrong, but why?

    Well, the bugzilla installation makes assumptions about the location of the home page, and assumes that /cgi-bin/bugzilla/ in required in the hyperlinks in the HTML, when it is not, because we are already in that location - http://localhost/cgi-bin/bugzilla

    The solution is to remove this prefix /cgi-bin/bugzilla/ by editing the params file in /etc/bugzilla - edit the variable 'urlbase' to just = './'

    On doing this, you will also notice that bugzilla pages have a HTML element
    <link rel="Top" href="./">
    instead of <link rel="Top" href="./cgi-bin/bugzilla/">
  2. tom93

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    Thank you !
    I ran into this issue with Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty) and your fix worked !

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