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    Hey people.

    I have managed to setup a complete linuw box with ISPCONFIG, and everything is working 100% (Not bad for a Microsoft Engineer)

    I would now like ot find out how to setup the same server to be used as a smtp server.

    I am running a offsite DNS server that just points all relevant records to the relevant servers.

    My clients have different domains so at this stage all there incomming mail services are setup acorrding to there domain names eg: [email protected]

    I would like for them to autehnticate against "there own" smtp server: [email protected], for each customer.

    So customer A would be: [email protected]
    Customer B: [email protected]

    I do however need all this to run on the single Linux box.

    Also how will my DNS server entries look to establish this.

    Kind Regards from South Africa

  2. Barryvdw

    Barryvdw New Member

    Smtp server

    Ok so I have solved the issue myself..

    Just wanted to share how I did it.

    Seems if you follow the tutorial, "Perfect ISPCONFIG Ubuntu Setp" everything gets installed including smtp server.

    Right next setup your DNS servers with and A Name record to point to your Ubuntu Server with ISPConfig. ... .to point to your server IP.

    *** Always remember that DNS changes might take some time to resolve accross the WWW, so be patient"

    Once you can ping .... and it shows that its pointing to your server... you know it game on !

    Also make sure that the IP is for the correct server ie. your ubuntu server.

    Now just setup your email client (Outlook, Macmail etc ) to use and Autenticated smtp server for sending mails, and your set.

    Thanks Falco for some awesome tutorials...

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