How to setup my main registered domain with ISPConfig

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by nibbles, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. nibbles

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    I have manage to setup ISPConfig hower, I was wondering if there's a quick howto on the setup of the main domain that it was setup with.

    I wanted to setup an FTP account and as well a couple of email accounts for it. (anyone can use for example scenario)

    Also still need to figure out how to make changes to ISPConfig to be using http vs. https since I'm getting the invalid certificate because of that.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. falko

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    You can simply create a web site for your domain in ISPConfig and create users for it. These users can use FTP and email.
  3. peacengell

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    hi any how to for these espec Neeeewbbbbb

    hi any how to show to come like explaine you how to use ur server on a home lan and configur ISPConfig add user ,website, dns and all config needed and host a website from another computer on lan any tut on this please newbee i try to but confuse just need a tut on how to make hosting and configure ISPConfig

    sorry if icould not get it i read but confuse some place mailly i try but not wrk
    so if anyone there can make any how to with this request
    falko and the website is very good thanks a lot to us like me newbee
    on sever configuration
    thanks very much
  4. nibbles

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    Hello Peace,

    Fundamentally before going ahead with your linux box, you might want to review some stuff beforehand since you will be doing this from a home network:

    - Preliminary stuff:
    You will need to make decisions on setup of your home router if you have one. By default, not all ports will be open on your router for you to actively host your linux box so in consideration of the howto's that have been posted, often many of them are using FTP, Apache, mail services as the most common ports:

    FTP - port 21
    http: - port 80
    https: - port 81 (for ISPConfig)
    smtp: - port 25
    pop: - port 110

    You will need to decide what ip address you would like to use as the ip assigned to your linux box as well. (e.g. You will be able to setup your chosen ip address you want to use during your linux installation.
    (normally covered as an example in the HOWTO documentation)

    Within your router, you can also force an assignment of the ip address you want as well via MAC address if you wish.

    Note: I think it's worth mentioning that some of the newer routers allow for you to use "dydns" to help you with dynamic ip address assigned by your ISP.
    I works well and would suggest using it if your router supports it.

    Once you've got these points covered for your home network, simply go ahead with the HOWTO document of choice. (e.g. Perfect Server Ubuntu 7.10). Should you have any questions about the howto document, feel free to post your questions in the questions HOWTO Related Forum for the members to review what's happening to see if they can help.

    I hope these little tidbits help ya to move forward with starting your setup and installation.

    Warm Regards,

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