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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to setup ipcop v.1.4 on my home network. My setup is as follows:

    Connection devices:
    - One Comtrend 5361 Wireless ADSL2+ Router (4 ethernet interfaces + wireless)
    - One pc with 3 nics which I want to install Ipcop on. All 3 nics are embedded on the motherboard!
    - One pc which I use as workstation with 1 nic

    ISP service type: PPPOE (I ns-looked up the hostname and it's too long to be written anywhere at all during installation)
    Primary DNS Server: I know it
    Secondary DNS Server: I know it

    Current network setup:
    I have connected 1 ethernet cable from router to the first nic on Ipcop pc.
    I have connected 1 cross-over cable from the Ipcop pc to my workstation pc.
    I want to setup the third nic on Ipcop ready for any server testing/hosting in the future.

    Fact: I get confused when I reach the Green, Red is modem or Green + Red + Orange side of the setup.
    I don't know if at the end of the setup, my work station should be ready to navigate to the internet
    without having to visit the Ipcop admin setup first.

    Should I turn off NAT on my router so that Ipcop handles the routing? Sorry, just confused.

    Please I need someone to recommend a good setting from the 192.168 address pool that will work for my network as it stands. I also have a laptop
    which for some reason has stopped connecting to the wireless router! I want to protect the laptop too.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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