How To Set Up Software RAID 1 On A Running LVM System (Incl. GRUB Configuration)

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  1. GenePoole

    GenePoole New Member

    I'm following your instructions and attempting to modify them to my environment.

    My concern is that I didn't use the default partitioning during my install, I've got a partition (PV) for each of the major functions running on this machine (i.e. vg_opsys; vg_oracle; vg_websoft; etc.) for a total of 8 partitions on this 1 TB SATA drive.

    I'm curious as to what should be done with partition 4 which is my type 5 (extended) partition type. Should I just ignore it when I'm changing the types on /dev/sdb to fd?

    Also, there is at least 250 GB of free space on /dev/sda. How does that get converted to RAID 1? Or does it? And if it doesn't, should I just start all over and use hardware raid?

  2. falko

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    Yes, ignore it.

    You could add that space to an existing logical volume. Take a look here:
  3. GenePoole

    GenePoole New Member

    It's been since February since you reply reached me. It appears that I've run into a bad batch of 1 TB hard disks. That's been solved so I can proceed.

    I'm at the 'pvmove' step and this process take a very long time. What are the implications of establishing several sessions and doing multiple 'pvmove' processes at the same time? The 'mdadm --add' step concerns me because there have been some electrical issues in the area and my battery backup unit will only give me ~60-minutes. Your opinion?


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