How to set up RAID 1 on a running Debian LVM

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    I followed the steps and I got it to work on a running Debian LVM system for my system imager. Now, Should one of the drives fail. How can I tell? Also, Does this mean that theoretically I could stick a blank disk in place of a good disk and RAID will parse, format, and dump the data to the disk? Or am I just really making a huge assumption with that? Also, how often do they sync up to each other? Is that done automatically if I put new data, remove files from the system? Really really new and unfamiliar to RAID and these are probably some pretty basic questions but I want to know should one of my drives ever quit
  2. falko

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    cat /proc/mdstat
    and you'll see if the array is ok.

    The recovery procedure is shown on

    Syncing happens immediately and automatically.
  3. dhonnoll78

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    Get me started here

    Get me started here I want to have those things tell me when a drive quits. How would I get started.
  4. falko

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    You can specify an email address in your mdadm.conf so it tells you when something's wrong.

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