How to set up mail client?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Izzysan, Oct 31, 2011.

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    First, im sorry if this question is solved somewhere already, but i couldn-t find an answer so i have to post a question here.
    I followed the guide The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 11.10 [ISPConfig 3] to the letter, and everything works perfectly, but the problem is, i havent used a mail client for checking mail since hotmail, so im really rusty in this area, but i would like to offer my clients that option.
    Mail servers work fine, webmail works perfectly, so i have no idea what im doing wrong.
    I would really be greatful if someone could explain step by step hot to set up mail client like thunderbird or android's mail client.
    I've also bought the manual for ISPConfig 3, but i havent found an answer there...
    Possible issues that i could find were, that you have to put in as username the entire email adress... which i did. Or that port 25 could be closed by my isp, which is not.
    So if someone could post a step by step how to set one of the mail clients, it would be much appreciated, since at this point i have no idea what im doing wrong....

    p.s. thanks for great install guide and manual
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